We currently Raise registered Quarter Horses and Appaloosas

Our horses are raised outside and allowed to be horses. We have been raising Quarter Horses for many years as well as  Appaloosas, thoroughbreds and Paints, we  Actually raised Appaloosas 1st and later got into the Quarter Horses but we love the  Appaloosas and  have continued to breed them. We are of the opinion that good horses do not come in bad colors. We  believe in the old saying" never judge a book by its cover" and we apply that to our horses and we never judge a horse by his color as a good horse can be any color. We do judge our horses by their abilities. They must be good minded and trainable first and foremost. We expect 110% at whatever we ask them to do.  Our horses are bred to do the job you want to do. Versatility is what we strive for, and  disposition is a priority to us, so what ever you want to do is what our horses  are bred to do.

Many People have asked us what our  thoughts are on HYPP,   well our opinion is very simple, if a horse is N/N which means they are double negative, then that horse does not have HYPP,  cannot get HYPP and   therefore cannot reproduce HYPP.  It appears that certain bloodlines(Impressive and Poco Bueno) are now being identified with certain  serious health conditions( and now ), we feel as responsible breeders  if the horse is not N/N then they should not reproduce.

Thank you for visiting our site. I hope you will let us know what you thought. If you have any questions, comments or just want to say Hi  just  shoot us an email, Talk to you soon.


Teresa & Marisa Brooke

91730 HWY 140W





2013 Colt by Ghost Dancing and out of ItsAllAboutTheLuke a point earning daughter of Luke At Me



                              2017 saw  some changes for sure

                                                                        A Big Welcome

                                                          How D Coolest Creme

                                                                         AQHA Perlino Stallion

                                                                          5 Panel N/N on all

                                                     Im Preferred Stock

                                                                 ApHc 2001 Leopard Stallion

                                                                       Halter Point Earner

                                                                       World Show Qualifier

                                                                            5 Panel N/N


                                                                   Photo Coming Soon

                                                                      Chips Hot Attraction

                                                                                2015 ApHc Black Colt

                                                                      5 Panel N/N

                                                           A grandson of the great Miracle Chip





                                                                              2014 NEWS




                                                                                Intensive San

                                                                         AQHA Black/Brown Stallion

                                                   lots of cow in this guys pedigree 

He is a range stud, gentle and easy to handle ,however  he lives with his mares and  he would have it no other way so he is the KING of GRUNGE






                         In the Winter of 2012 this Fewspot appaloosa  colt , Justa Dakota Thistle arrived from North Dakota,his pedigree  includes many great horses from the  Sheldak Ranch including, King David, Mighty Tim and Princes Jim .