Training and Lessons


                      WE are No Longer offering training or lessons at this time

          we would be more than happy to  recommend someone for your needs

             Please do not hesitate to ask and we will give you our honest opinion


                                                         For Horses with people Problems

                                                                People  With Horse Problems.

                                                                                Marisa and  Oscar

                                                                     Marisa, Clinton and mindy


                                                                   Marisa and Clinton in 2010


                                                           Marisa  with Tamara and larry Chastain 


We offer Lessons and Training for both horses and riders.

We accept long term and short term clients at reasonable rates and trades as well.

 We can offer you and your horse a different approach to learning new and old things. Our goal is  for you and your horse to have fun, we enjoy working with children  and adults, we stress Safety and fun as our goals. With us it  is possible to learn good horsemanship while having fun. For horses we offer  a new experience for the young and old, from  unstarted to the older horse with bad habits we can help them enjoy there job as your working partner and friend, With us we strive  to  make your learning and your horses learning experience the best one it can be.



                                          is a sweet guy who is Proudly owned by Crystal Marvetz of Merrill, Oregon



was a pleasure to work with, he is owned by Cathy and Elmo Shepherd of Myrtle Point, Oregon.