Marisa and Diamond Ash had a great time
                                        Appaloosa World Show Qualifier
                                         2013 ACAAP Masters in Trail
                                 2013 ACAAP Masters in Showmanship 
                                      OHA Gold Classic Senior Champion
                                        multiple OHA year end  awards
                                          multiple OPHC year end awards

                     2013 Wild  Horse and Burro Expo Open Senior  Reserve Champions                                           
                              Ace was the only snaffle bit horse in the Open division

                                        What an awesome year in 2012

                                     Marisa Brooke and Diamond Ash
                                    2012 ApHc ACAAP Masters in Trail
                                         #1 in the Nation in Trail
                                         #4 in English Equitation
                                         #9 in English Pleasure
                                         #8 in Halter
                                         #6 in Showmanship
                                         #3 in Western Equitation
                                         #6 in Western Pleasure


                                                            2012 North West Wild Horse and Burro Expo was held in Reno Nevada

                 2012 Western States Wild Horse and Burro Expo

                                         Ace and Marisa

                                 2012 Green Horse Champions

                               Oregon Performance Horse Club buckles won by  Marisa in 2012

                   Oregon Performance Horse Club Buckles won by Teresa in 2012
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 2011 Acomplishments


        Congratulations Marisa Brooke and Diamond Ash


                                         2011 OPHC Open Appaloosa Champion


                                     2011 OPHC All Breed Open Champion


                                     2011  U.S. Top Ten ApHc ACAAP in Trail


        Congratulations Marisa Brooke and  MissPartiChex (sold)


                                                2011 OPHC  Reserve  Champion Appaloosa


                                    2011  OPHC Open  All Breed Trail Champion


                                    2011 OPHC Reserve Champion Green Horse


                                    2011  U.S. Top Ten  ApHc ACAAP Western Equtation


       Congratulations  Teresa Brooke  and Always Majestic


                                               2011  OPHC Paint Champion


                                         2011  All Breed In Hand Champion


                                         2011 Open Walk/Trot Champion 



            2011 Oregon Performance Horse Club Buckles won by Marisa and Teresa Brooke





Marisa and Diamond Ash (Sugar)  for their 2010 accomplishments


inluding the OPHC Open All Around Appaloosa  Champions  and also for their APHC ACAAP US Top Ten placings in English Equitation and Trail.